About Dr. LinhKieu

About Dr LinhKieu Medical Clinic:

Dr. LinhKieu Nguyen knew, at the age of 8, that she wanted to be a doctor. She set out on a path that eventually led her to become one of the most recognized family doctors in San Diego County. In 2003, Dr. LinhKieu started her own Family Medical Clinic in the under served area of East San Diego. In 2010, she built her own clinic from the ground up, with the dream of creating a home-like, warm and family environment for her patients. For more than 10 years, this dedicated mother of two has provided the highest quality of health care for her patients.

Recently, Dr. LinhKieu started her beauty clinic and added a Cynosure Elite MPX laser to her practice after becoming intrigued with the idea of helping her patients to not only staying healthy, but also look and feel as vibrant as they could.

Combining Dr. LinhKieu’s focus and dedication to her craft with the best laser equipment on the market, her clients have the confidence to know that the work will be done right.

So what separates us from all the rest?

Here at Dr. LinhKieu’s beauty clinic, it’s not about competition, it's about quality, caring and education. You will never feel hurried or pressured in our relaxed and tranquil space.


About dr_linhkieuAbout Dr. LinhKieu T. Nguyen

Where I Came From:

Mr. Earl Nightingale once said, “All you need is a plan, a road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.” For the past 15 years, I feel that I have certainly followed Mr. Nightingale’s teaching and labored long and hard to receive my Medical degree. The first two years of my studies were successfully completed in Dominica – a foreign medical facility in the Caribbean. Afterwards, I had the privilege of completing my clinical studies by learning from doctors and professors at various teaching hospitals across the United States. Being away from my family and friends was certainly very difficult, but I am motivated to succeed by a higher cause.

I was born in Saigon in 1969 – the city is now called Ho Chi Minh City. After the communists took over in 1975, there was a lot of confusion. My parents were forced to make a very difficult decision, to stay or attempt to escape the country; Thereby leaving my older sister, my little brother and me back in Vietnam. My younger brother and I were brought to the countryside to be raised by our relatives, while our elder sister stayed in Saigon with our grandmother.

Being a young country girl, there was little need for higher education at the time. The focus of each day was to wake up early and bring breads and fruits across the river before the market opens to sell in the morning. Each night, we slept on a wooden bed, in a little clay hut with straw-like roofing. We bathe in the river and live off the earth.

Vietnam is a poor country, and the hospital condition is poorly managed. One summer day, we rushed my aunt to the hospital. Her body had swollen up like a balloon filled with fluid. It was a strange sight to everyone involved and the doctors and nurses did not know what to do. It was a helpless case and the doctors decided to lay my aunt in the same bed with another person because of the overcrowding condition of the hospital. Tears were in our eyes but what can we do? The doctors and nurses were poorly trained. At the time it was rumored that there were lots of chemicals left from the war and that these chemicals can cause people to become ill with no cure for the ailment. My aunt died several weeks afterward.

Looking back on my past, coming from a war-torn country, witnessing famine, malnutrition, and poor hospital conditions in my little village, it is fairly natural to have dreamt that you would be able to make a difference. It is natural to have hoped that you can one day help the poor, feed the hungry, and cure the sick. Before 1983, this was only a dream. In 1983, my parents, who had left in 1975 with my three other siblings, sponsored my younger brother, my elder sister, and me to America.

Attending schools in the states was challenging at the beginning. I had not even studied beyond fifth grade in Vietnam. Now, I had to learn English and also try to make the grades at the same time. After finishing college, the desire to fulfill my childhood dream had revisited me – I wanted to go to medical school.

Attending Ross University has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. There are many professors at Ross University who care and who have stimulated my mind. They have taught me to never give up no matter how hard the obstacle seems to be. In addition to realizing the importance of a good education, I have also learned the value of contributing to the community. My desire to give has led me to become involved in many rewarding services including my involvement in the Hospice program, volunteering at the Community Nursing Home, and working with young children at the Methodist Center. These experiences have taught me to cherish every moment and to be thankful for everything that I have.

My career goal is to have a profession that I love, and one that is spiritually rewarding. I understand that life’s success will not be handed on a silver platter. Nevertheless, I have realized that life has an interesting way of shaping me and preparing me for the future, but I must be willing to accept and overcome the hurdles that I encounter.

Now, I have a wonderful opportunity to serve the folks in University Heights area of East San Diego, California.

This is my story. What is yours?


Stefanie Winder, PA-C
Stefanie is a licensed and certified Physician Assistant with over 10 years in the medical field.

Joseph Garvin
Joseph has over 15 years working experience as a nurse. Joseph is a licensed Nurse Practitioner.

Remedios Thatcher
Remmie is a certified Medical Assistant with over 25 years of experience. She is warm, friendly and compassionate. Remmie speaks Tagalog and English.

Silvia Sung
Silvia is a dedicated staff member. She is warm and friendly and very helpful. Silvia is trilingual, speaking English, Chinese and Vietnamese.